Maria Fatima Tanita ("Auntie") is the Owner of Tanita Family Daycare.

Auntie has had a home daycare for over 25 years. She has raised three sons. Her eldest son has a freelance construction buisness in Point Loma. One son was #1 in his class at Pt. Loma High, was teenager of the year for the American Academy of Achievement, graduated from UCSD in 2 ½ years and is a medical doctor specializing in Emergency Medicine. Another son graduated from UCSB, and is an OB/GYN living in Las Vegas, NV with his wife and three children.

Through personal experiences, observation, and reading, Auntie has learned what makes for a successful and well adjusted adult. She cares for children to take care of their short term needs but also lays a solid foundation for adulthood.