Your Baby Can Read
Early Language Development System

This Program was developed by Dr Robert Titzer while a doctoral student, experimenting with his young daughter, teaching her to read. He developed and educational video which was fun and interactive and taught her to learn about language win much the same way tat babies learn about objects - through many sensory systems. He wanted his daughter so see language, say it, and see and hear what words meant - in much the same way as babies learn naturally. At four years of age, she was reading phonetically at the 11.9 grade level and her reading comprehension was at the 5th grade level. She is now a well adjusted student at the U of California. This is not an isolated case of a genius baby. Thousands of other children learned to read as infants.

The children who have used this program are reading at extremely high levels for their ages. They are doing well because they learned to read during the natural window of opportunity for learning language, which opens at birth and begins to close by age four. This is when it is easier to learn high-level language skills. All areas of language are more naturally learned during this period - whether it is receptive language, spoken language, sign language, second language, or written language. After this window begins to close, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn language skills at a high level.

Most people usually regard reading as a difficult skill to learn instead of thinking about it as a natural part of language. Reading is the ability to understand written language. The evidence shows that the earlier a child is taught to read, the better child reads and the more likely the child enjoys reading. Instead of tuning written language into a second language by waiting until the natural window fro learning has begun to close, we could teach written language at the same time the child is learning to say and understand words. If we do this, then children should be able to read a naturally as they speak.