Tanita Family Daycare is a warm and inviting place where children are cared for in a loving, secure and intellectually stimulating environment.

We understand what makes children happy, how to build a positive sense of self worth, and how to teach habits and attitudes which will help establish a foundation for a good life. To be happy, children need to have their physical needs taken care of.

We give them a hot lunch and two snacks with fresh vegetables and fruit everyday. We check that their diapers and underwear are clean, that they are given physical play time and a nap or two as necessary. We have a set schedule so that the children know what to expect and we establish structure and rules so that they feel secure. We teach not only academic subjects, but habits such as learning to concentrate, how to complete tasks, how to do things well, and how to put toys and puzzles away so that they are not only intellectually stimulated, but enjoy the process of learning because they have had success in doing things well.

The children learn, respect for elders, manners, consideration for others, and how to deal with adversity so that they can interact well socially and learn to cope with life. If parents have to work, they can feel confident that their child is given the best care available and that their children will have developed a good start in life.